Huancaya Reserve

Information huancaya reserve

The Cañete River rises in the snowy de Ticlla to 4600 m. north of the lagoon forming Yauyos ticllacocha and runs 220 km. until lead to the sea in the province of Cañete km. 153 south of Lima.


Nor- yauyos reserve landscape. Yauyos is located southeast of Lima. The Yauyos department is located between 3554 and 3600 m.
The journeys is via a Cañete in road to Lima and the Cañete riverside, on the route Lima-Cañete 144 km. of the Panamericana road South, Lunahuaná Catahuasi--Magdalena-Llapay Tinco -Alis-Vitis and arrive at Huancaya. The distance from Lima-Huancaya is 324 km., and from Lunahuaná to Huancaya is 180 km.
The trip by tourist transport is between 6-7 hours of travel.

CLIMATE : It has a temperature of 13 ° c which varies seasonally between 8 ° and 20 ° C, with plenty of sunshine during the day and cold at night. Dry winter (May to September) and with rainfall during the summer rainy season (October to April), which is most intense between January and March.

FLORA : There is a diversity of species such as the cattail, alder, eucalyptus, ortiga, enheights, and other medicinal species. You can also find ichu, huamanrripa, and Turpo llancahuasha, and Tuber, such as potato, oca, mashua and olluco.

FAUNA : Vicuña, deer, vizcacha, Andean puma, bobcat and fox birds, condor, huachhua, martin fisher, gulls, quail, and a variety of ducks, kestrels, hummingbirds, orioles and Gallareta.