High Ropes Challenge Courses Lunahuaná

High Ropes Challenge Courses Lunahuaná

Duration: 2:00 Hours

Location :San Jeronimo Km:33.00 Lunahuaná

Activity:Challenge Field and High Rope Course

Activity Level :Intermediate

Season:All year


The High Ropes Challenge Course is an exciting outdoor adventure activity in which you test your physical and mental strength, stamina, agility, balance and flexibility.

The course starts with a safety training session Experienced guides will teach you about your equipment and how to keep yourself secure throughout the course. You will then demonstrate that you can safely make your way through the training course.

It Include

All the equipmentfor the field Of challenges and high rope (hasnes,helmet,2 safety lanyard and glove

Instruccion for the use of the challenge fiel and high rope

Experienced Facilitor with certification in rescue an basic first Aid

You Must Wear

Pants or leggins

Training shoes




During the tour you cannot wear earrings 

Optional :photos and video

Trekking landscape Tupe

Trekking landscape Tupe

Wonderful landscape and language

Tupe District is approximately 185 km. from Lima in the south part of Yauyos. we will drive from Lima to Cañete to Lunahuana. Then Catahuasi to Aiza is 14km by car. From Aiza to Tupe is 11km. by trekking.
Tupe is located at 2830 meters above sea level in the Andes. The culture was established in this area over 2000 years ago. It is composed of two communities: Aiza and Tupe.

Native language

The native language is jaQaru or kauki. It has existed for two millennia and is older than Aymara and Quechua imperial.


It's warm during the day and cold at night. TUPE is essentially a town of cattle pastures and producers of cheese.


Tupinos are a staple here, but these people also farm potatoes, corn, geese, beans and pumpkins.

Tupe or old Tupinachaka

Giant Mountain of solid rock that stands as a shield (APU) which means God of our ancestors. In the various surrounding mountains hide traces of various buildings of the former inhabitants, not yet investigated.

Flashy costumes

An unusual element in TUPE is the dress of women and girls. They wear costumes on the knees, with red fabric, Scottish style, a red waist sash, and a maroon-colored scarf that covers the head.
There are records that indicate the use of these items for over 500 years and are a reference to the Wari culture (pre-Inca).
In Tupe, there are no hotels and restaurants, but there are places to camp beside the river.
There is much to learn: landscapes, clothing, language and customs

Huancaya - 2 Days / 1 Nights

Huancaya - 2 Days / 1 Nights


Discover wonders of Huancaya reserve. We start our journey to Lunahuana (500 m) and travel 8 hours across the Andes to reach Huancaya (3500 m) and explore the eco-tourism reserve for its Andean diversity. We will see many species of birds.

Incredible scenery, spectacular views of nature and the best guides on the valley we provide everything you need for 3 days/2 nights of magic and unforgettable adventure.

Day 1 : We meet at 8:00 AM from Lunahuana (4800 m) our transportation takes us 6 hours across the Andes to the colonial bridges of Huancaya, where we camp (3500 m).

Includes: lunch and dinner

Day 2: After a healthy breakfast, we walk across the colonial bridges and around the lagoon for 40 minutes. Then we visit Lake Piquicocha, where you can find many species of birds like huaschua, kingfisher, gulls, a variety of ducks and some migratory birds.
Our transport takes us return to Lunahuana.

Includes: breakfast and lunch

Warko adventures: offers a variety of dynamic programs and sports in the valley of Ca�ete Lunahuana.


    Transportation during the trip.
    Experienced guides / bilingual.
    First aid kit.
    Rescue kit..
    Meals (lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch.).

You should bring

    You should bring.
    Clothing for low-temperature.
    Trekking Shoes or sandals.
    Flash light.
    Insect repellent.
    Personal hygiene �tems.

S/. 800 c/u. = minimum 4 pax
S/. 600 c/u. = 8 Pax