Rio Cañete is undoubtedly the favorite place to do rafting near Lima. Lunahuaná, in Cañete, 180 km southeast of Lima. The river cañete Includes rapids of class II to IV. In this section you can do rafting all year round but the season where the river has more volume and more adrenaline is between the months of November and April.
Warkoadventures Lunahuaná (WAL) Offers sections with different degrees of difficulty, for people with or without experience, for single adults or families with small children from 7 years old, with a picnic option on the beaches of the Cañete River.

Our tours include all the river equipment (life jacket, helmets, oars, and windbreaks), support transport, first aid kit, specialized bilingual guide, water and snacks or picnic, depending on the type of route.

It’s all about the details An all-inclusive vacation in Lunahuaná can be rustic or luxury. Warkoadventures Lunahuaná staff will assist you to get just what you need out of your travel planning.
A custom designed rafting trip, zipline tour or other adventure with warkoadventures means we plan a trip just for you with all the extra amenities you desire. If you can dream it, we can likely do it! This option is great for groups that want to be on their own schedule with their own guides, gear and transportation.
Many of warkoadventure’s standard trips already include meals, lodging, gear and more. Our overnight trips include homemade meals cooked by your guides, almost all of your camping gear, and rafting essentials like  splash jackets.

Are you looking for exciting and scenic activities for your business group in Lunahuaná? Corporate rafting trips and adventures are the perfect way for your groups to get some fresh air, experience the Cañete river, and break free of the office mold. Your team will bond in a whole new way with warkoadventures whitewater rafting trip, a zipline tour, rock climbing, high rope course and more.
Don’t forget that whitewater rafting is an excellent team building activity! The recreational activities offered by warkoadventures Lunahuaná can be great team-building tools for any corporations or business group. Many of the activities we offer, like rafting and high rope course, are excellent for improving communication, trust and problem solving skills. Ask us how our group activities can most benefit your group adventure.

Fun and floaty
Looking for a river trip that’s more mild than wild – but still a blast?! There are lots of float trips, beginner whitewater rafting trips and family friendly trips to choose from to experience the scenery and fun of a true cañete river trip.
There’s a reason that rafting trips are one of the most popular activities in Lunahuaná. Not only do you get to see unique spots in Lunahuaná accessible only by river, but you don’t need any previous river experience to try it!
Perhaps you’re not completely comfortable in the water. Maybe you have small children and are wondering what trip is appropriate. Or you’ve just never been rafting before and want to make sure you have a great time.

Adrenalina Rush
Warkoadventures Lunahuaná is your one-stop shop for high adrenaline trips. We offer you the best extreme whitewater rafting trips in Lunahuaná. This is our specialty: warkoadventures runs more commercial rafting guests on advanced Class IV  than any outfitter in Lunahuaná. Warkoadventures also offers thrilling zipline tours, a high rope experience, rock climbing, and more. All of this extreme adventure under one roof!

Weekend getaway
LUNAHUANÁ’S BEST IN A WEEKEND Take a time out! Warkoadventures Lunahuaná can put together trip combos that satisfy your thirst for adventure, mountain scenery and time away from your busy schedule. Check OUT for a weekend and check IN for adventure!
We’re here for you Whether you’re a busy couple looking for a few moments alone, a family looking to make some lasting memories, or a group of friends wanting some time to reconnect, Lunahuaná is a great place to plan a weekend getaway. Talk to our helpful and knowledgeable staff for ideas. From suggestions on local hotels and watering holes, to the best river trip for you, we’ll help you make it all come together.
This is what we do best. Warkoadventures provides the highest quality in Lunahuaná adventures in multiple locations to make it simple for you to plan your trip and have fun!

YOUR LUNAHUANÁ NATURE TRIP Warkoadventures Lunahuaná trips provide you access to some of the most special places in Lunahuaná. We take pride in the experiences we offer to show folks like you the beauty of our surroundings and to share with you why we find them so valuable.
A river rafting trip, a zipline tour, a high rope course, a rock climbing trip…they all allow you to experience the natural elements of Lunahuaná. Whether you’re floating through a river or perched high atop a rock ledge, you’ll feel a world away.  You can connect and focus on each other. Kids are entertained and awed. These are memories you’ll carry for a lifetime.

Family Reunions
If you are planning a family reunion, you know a thing or two about pressure. Take the stress off your shoulders with family white water rafting trips and adventures in Lunahuaná! Book a rafting trip, zipline tour or other  adventure activity and your family will be hoisting you on their shoulders and chanting your name. The activities provided by warkoadventures Lunahuaná will provide your family with memories that will last forever.
Yes, you can please everyone! There is serious pressure when you’re planning a family reunion: get it wrong and you’ll be the butt of the family jokes for years to come. That’s where we come in. Our informative website and our knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect trip for the whole family – without a ton of added stress.
Seriously, it’s easy to make everyone happy with our wide range of whitewater rafting trips. When planning a group trip, we always recommend you go for the “lowest common denominator.” That means that most of the time you need to book that trip that is appropriate for the youngest kids or the meekest in the group. The others will still have a blast, we promise.

Find the perfect trip for your school group. Whether you are looking to get your school group out on the water with rafting, or more into soaring through the hill on a zipline tour, warkoadventures Lunahuaná has the School Trip for you! With 2 zipline locations and rafting throughout the Lunahuaná valley, you’ll find the perfect adventure for your group.
Trips for young kids, Our trips on the cañete are calm enough for children of all ages and a perfect way to get out in the wilderness for nature lessons. For an added dose of interactive fun, consider doing our inflatable kayak trip instead, where each member of the group gets their own small boat.



This exciting whitewater rafting expedition is rated among the best of world Class Rivers. We start our trip from Cusco 3,300 mts. driving for 4 hours across the Andes down to the Apurimac River, (in the native Quechua language meaning "Speaker of the Gods"). This river is also the most direct source of the Amazon making it the longest river in the world. We put-in at 2,000 mts. It will take us about two hours to prepare all the equipment using only state of the art, self bailing rafts and catarafts.
We'll have lunch and raft down to our first camp. All the meals are prepared by our staff on a campfire under the night sky of the Southern Hemisphere.
At one point we arrive to a narrow canyon with an impossible rapid where we have to do a portage for about 300 mts. Most of the time we will be rafting class III+ and IV rapids, but we also have a few class IV + and V rapids, among the wildlife in this remote and isolated canyon we could find river otters, bob cats, foxes, torrent ducks, cormorants etc.


DAY 1:We meet at 9:00 am in Cusco. From Cusco we drive 4 hours through the Andes to the put-in at Huallpachaca bridge 2,000 mts. It will take us about two hours to prepare all the equipment, self-bailing rafts, oars, paddles, coolers, helmets, lifejackets, wet suits etc. You will be given a safety talk and drills in rafting techniques. We will put emphasis on training all the participants, how to get back into the raft, flipping the raft, swimming a rapid, etc.
We will be floating for 2 hours, doing class II and III rapids. We will camp in a narrow gorge with impressive walls. Here the guides will prepare dinner; your responsibility is to help gather wood for the bonfire, and wash up your own dish. (L+D).

DAY 2:After a healthy breakfast we start rafting around 9:00am. Today we will be in the water for about 6 hours, doing mostly class III and IV rapids, stopping for lunch and arriving to camp around 4:00pm. Today we'll have tea time and dinner and sleep on a sandy beach under the night sky of the southern hemisphere (B+L+D).

DAY 3:After a good breakfast we are going to be rafting through a couple of class V rapids after 3 or 4 hours of rafting we will arrive to the take out where we pack all the equipment and drive back to Cusco, arriving around 5:00 pm (B+L)


    Transportation to and from the river.
    Professional class V guides.
    State of the art self bailing rafts.
    Waterproof bags for personal luggage.
    Safety conscious techniques and procedures.
    Double occupancy tents.


    Light tennis shoes or sandals for the river.
    Cap or hat.
    Sweatshirt and sweat pants for the camp.
    Light volume sleeping bag.
    Sleeping mattress.
    Extra pair of tennis shoes for the camp.
    Flash light with spare batteries.
    Short pants.
    Water bottle-Insect repellent.

    A most friendly and positive mental attitude.

Huancaya - 3 Days / 2 Nights Rafting

Lagoons, Landscape & Waterfalls.

Huancaya is probably one of the most impressive places on the Peruvian Andes. Lots of waterfalls and little lakes are on the way of the Cañete River. The water of the river is totally clear and has a turquoise color. There are trout everywhere on this Natural Reserve. We will have delicious meals during the days we will have different activities in which we will trek and enjoy the nature.

Just 7 hours from the city of Lima the town of Huancaya, which offers visitors a natural environment away from the smog and traffic of the city, with bucolic surrounding countryside.

Despite the fact it is the largest town in the area, Huancaya is one of the few places in Peru that has not been spoiled by modernization. One can stroll through its cobled streets and feel like one has gone.

Huancaya and its surroundings form part of the Nor-Yauyos-Cochas Reserve, which features a wide diversity of flora and fauna, such as the vizcacha rodent, puma and fox, as well as birds and reptile species which are native to the area. The region also features archaeological sites and ideal routes for trekking, mountain climbing and biking. The rivers also provide some excellent whitewater rafting, while the whole family can go on horseback rides and taste the dairy products for which the area is famous.


Camp near the Cañete River where you can feel a real contact with nature on one of the most exotic areas of the Peruvian Andes.
Delicious food!

Visit to Vilca.


Day 1 : From Lima to Huancaya
Early in the morning, around 6:00 am we are going to pick you up from soyuz or Peru bus stations to start our tour to Huancaya. We will go on the Pan-American Highway to the south until we reach the town of Cañete located 140 Km south of Lima. Then we start going to the East towards the Andes Mountains. We will have at all time the Cañete River on one side of the road and we are going to pass many little towns on the way until we start looking a change on the landscape.

It will start appearing beautiful lagoons and waterfalls with turquoise color water due to the melting of the glaciers. We are close to Huancaya!

We will reach Huancaya around 3:00 pm and we are going to meet with a local family. Huancaya is located at an altitude of 3,550 meters (12,467ft). In the afternoon we are going to set our camp near the river and at night we are going to have a delicious meal.

Includes: Lunch and dinner.

Day 2: Vilca Early in the morning we are going to visit the little town of Vilca. On the way, we will see the impressive Cañete River and its beautiful lagoons and waterfalls! Vilca is located at an altitude of 3,800 meters (12,467ft.).

We leave our transportation in Vilca and then we will trek for around one hour until we reach a big lake where we take some pictures. The landscapes will be showing its beauty!

We will have lunch in Vilca and at the end of the day we will return to Huancaya.

Day 3: End of Tour. The tour has reached the end and its time to return to Lima. We will leave Huancaya early in the morning to have a stop in Lunahuana where we will have lunch enjoying delicious shrimps served in different types.

We will be arriving to Lima at the end of the day.

The tour includes:

Private transportation to Huancaya.

All the meals (2 breakfast, 3 lunch and 2 dinners).

Snacks and water.

Camping equipment or local hotel (tents, tables, , mattresses).

Daily activities.

Professional guiding.

The tour not includes:

 Sleeping bags, personal insurance, alcoholic beverages, tips, and other personal expenses.


Warkoadventures Lunahuana- Peru - Tour Operator.

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Telephones: (511) 997130206 - (511) 963747526



The Cañete River comes through Andean ranges and passes into Lunahuana Valley. Cañete Valley is irrigated by this river, and all the water is going straight to the ocean.
The Cañete River has a section in the Lunahuana Valley to practice rafting. It has different options: beginners, intermediate and advanced, depending of the section of the river or level.


Day 1:We meet in our base warkoadventures Lunahuaná House Cañete-lunahuana road km.33.0 Our rafting guide shows you all the facilities in our base .
Our rafting guides give you safety talk and provide you with the rafting gear. We raft about 2 hours and reach rapids from class II-III. When we arrive at the take-out, our private transportation will take you to our base  where you get a healthy lunch. In the afternoon you will have a city tour of Lunahuana Valley and wine growing. Afterwards you will have dinner. You sleep under the night sky of the southern hemisphere of our base camp.

Day 2 : We wake up and get a healthy breakfast. Afterwards our private transportation takes you to the put-in. This trip lasts about 3 hours, includes a safety kayak, and can reach class III-IV rapids. At the end of the trip we provide you a healthy lunch.


    Transportation to and from the river.
    Seasoned rafting guide/bilingual.
    Lunch, diner, breakfast, lunch.

You should bring.

    Personal and clean things.
    Light tennis shoes or sandal.
    Flash light.
    Cap or hat for the sun.
    Short pants.
    Sun screen.
    Insect repellent.
    Sleeping bag- sleeping matt.
    Positive attitude.

Optional:photos and video with GOPRO




We will meet at our base Warkoadventures Lunahuaná Perú located southwest of Lima. Road LUNAHUANA CAÑETE-km33.

You will find all necessary facilities such as: toilets, locker room, rock climbing wall. Our guides will give you all the information you would like to know.
Our private transportation will take us to the put-in. Afterward the guides will provide the rafting equipment such as: wind breakers, life jackets, helmets, paddles and the safety kayak, which is very important in rafting.
Our guides provide you with all necessary information about the commands in the boat. The rapids are Class I-III and III-IV depending on the section to be performed.
The rafting trip is for an average of 1-3 hours depending on the section to navigate.


    Transportation in the valley.
    New rafting equipment.
    Safety conscious techniques and procedures.
    First aid kit.
    Experienced guides certified in river rescue (rescue3) and first aid.
    Bilingual guides.

You should Bring.

    Transportation to and from the river.
    Pair of sneakers or sandals for the river.
    Insect repellent.
    Bathing suit and shorts.

IMPORTANT:positive attitude