Travel through the air along a steel cable, sliding with a harness and pulley. An experience of pure adrenaline. 2000 meters of route, 5 different cables that reach a height of up to 60 meters above the valley, a section that extends for more than 700 meters crossing the Cañete River. An unforgettable adventure where you can appreciate the spectacular panoramic view of the Valley of Lunahuaná and the Cañete River (located in San Jerónimo km.33.04 Cañete-Lunahuaná highway, 480 meters above sea level).
Two circuits: carefully designed and inspected to maximize and guarantee your safety throughout the activity. Two or more guides accompany each group of tourists along each of the circuits, the Base and the Adrenaline.
 Security restrictions: according to age, weight and physical fitness of the passengers.

Excursions (departures every day)

Route: 2 sections 380, 400, 200, 120 and 900 = 2000 meters long
Average height: 60 meters approx
Difficulty: Moderate
Minimum age: 8 years old
Quantity: 2 people minimum


Mini Trekking, individual harness, petzl pulley, helmet, gloves, first aid kit, bilingual professional guide, safety talk.