Trekking landscape Tupe

Trekking landscape Tupe

Wonderful landscape and language

Tupe District is approximately 185 km. from Lima in the south part of Yauyos. we will drive from Lima to Cañete to Lunahuana. Then Catahuasi to Aiza is 14km by car. From Aiza to Tupe is 11km. by trekking.
Tupe is located at 2830 meters above sea level in the Andes. The culture was established in this area over 2000 years ago. It is composed of two communities: Aiza and Tupe.

Native language

The native language is jaQaru or kauki. It has existed for two millennia and is older than Aymara and Quechua imperial.


It's warm during the day and cold at night. TUPE is essentially a town of cattle pastures and producers of cheese.


Tupinos are a staple here, but these people also farm potatoes, corn, geese, beans and pumpkins.

Tupe or old Tupinachaka

Giant Mountain of solid rock that stands as a shield (APU) which means God of our ancestors. In the various surrounding mountains hide traces of various buildings of the former inhabitants, not yet investigated.

Flashy costumes

An unusual element in TUPE is the dress of women and girls. They wear costumes on the knees, with red fabric, Scottish style, a red waist sash, and a maroon-colored scarf that covers the head.
There are records that indicate the use of these items for over 500 years and are a reference to the Wari culture (pre-Inca).
In Tupe, there are no hotels and restaurants, but there are places to camp beside the river.
There is much to learn: landscapes, clothing, language and customs