Question 6. How safe are Warkoadventures trips?

Risk management is our utmost priority, so it is constantly discussed and thought through on every single trip that we operate. All leaders have been thoroughly trained in risk management practices and policies of Warkoadventures Lunahuaná. In the event of an emergency, Warkoadventures has developed a safety and evacuation plan for every área that we travel. With all of our technical activities, we use only the finest outfitters for technical activities such as camping, ziplinning, high rope course rafting, and gastronomy course etc. All leaders carry a cell or radios with them. We are proud of our safety record and strive to ensure each group has a safe and successful experience.

Question 3. What if I get sick?

Our leaders are trained in wilderness medicine, so should you get sick, we can take care of many minor medical issues where your trip is not interrupted. In the event that your leaders can't take care of you with what they have in their extensive First Aid kit, we are in contact with local clinics in all the areas we travel where you can see a local doctor or other medical professional. Everyone's safety is out top priority.

Question 2. What makes Warkoadventures unique?

With many great companies in the adventure industry for travellers, we feel that the personal care we share with everyone at Warkoadventures makes a positive difference to our families. Our goal is not to be the biggest adventures travel program; rather, we strive to offer the finest opportunities for travellers worldwide. One of the true benefits of being a smaller company is that we have the chance to personally know every one of our travellers. Our President and Founder, Camilo Vicente, travels throughout the season visiting all trips so that he has the chance to meet each traveller and share a part of everyone's experience.

Question 1. SAFETY FIRST

Safety is with out question the foremost concern for any traveller looking into a wilderness program and is of paramount importance on any Warkoadventures trip. We want to create an atmosphere where we can allow our travellers to stretch their limits while insuring their well being. Safety is continually taught and practiced throughout every program, and traveller play integral roles in our commitment to the safety of the entire group.