Concerned about the environment and sustainability,we work with the los Rosales Community in San Jeronimo Lunahuaná


A pre-fabricated classroom was built and it was implemented with 16 desks and a blackboard to the primary school San Jerónimo Lunahuaná.


The students of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt built a prefabricated classroom and implemented with 16 tables and chairs to the primary school of San Jeronimo Lunahuaná 


Children's games were built and the area was surrounded with tires. We reused used tires. Kindergarten school annex San Jerónimo Lunahuaná


Warkoadventures Lunahuaná, is a local company located in San Jerónimo km 33.04 the valley of Lunahuaná, was founded in 2009. Specialized in adventure travel and unconventional tourism, we are able to customize all types of activity and multi-sport programs, providing the best logistics for expeditions, recordings or research teams that combine each trip with culture, education and natural history.