Pachamanca means "Pot on the ground "is a traditional cooking technique based on Cooking using hot stones

Duration: 7 hours
Location: Warkoadventures house Lunahuaná
Activity: Andean Food
Activity level: Basic
Season: April-December
Number of passengers: 2 people
Departures: Daily

Pachamanca "means in Quechua" Pot on the ground "is a traditional cooking technique based on
Cooking using hot stones. The main idea is to cook with concentrated heat underground using banana leaves to separate them from soil and soil. The main ingredients are lamb, chicken, pork and guinea pig previously macerated with Andean spices, also different types of potatoes, corn and Andean aromatic herbs that give it a unique flavor. You will have the opportunity to participate in the preparation of a traditional Pachamanca and learn the ancient techniques used by the Andes people for centuries to create this unique way of cooking.


Transfer from your hotel to the local market in Imperial Cañete. Here passengers will immerse themselves in this commercial market, seat of deep cultural experience where they will put their five senses on alert. New aromas, colors, textures and flavors will introduce you to a new concept of cuisine. Later we will go to Warkoadventures house where we will find our chefs who will teach us how to make the traditional Pachamanca.
After preparing the ingredients and placing them underground, passengers will enjoy a ceremony of thanks to Mother Earth or Pachamama thanking them for the food they will take. Finally we will open the pachamanca and we will serve ourselves.
Return to your hotel.